Sunday, April 16, 2017

Winston-Salem Dash: The Cheesy Pig

The Cheesy Pig
Years ago, I went to a Winston-Salem Warthogs game in Ernie Shore Stadium. Now the city has a new ballpark (since 2008) and a new name: the Dash. The ballpark is a brick and steels structure, has a nice open concourse design with an outfield wall that has more nooks and crannies in it than Keith Richards' face.

Mascot and some handsome guy

Both tickets and parking are pricier than most ballparks in the single A level. Six smackers to park your jalopy and the cheapest seat will be close to ten bucks. As far as the level of play.....let's just say that the Dash had four errors in the first two innings and were trailing 13-0 when I left.

The Cheeseapeno
While the action on the field was bush league, it certainly was not at the concession stand. A sausage stand on the first base side offers some great concoctions. I had the Cheeseapeno Dog, which is a Lowe's (the meat guys, not the home improvement guys) sausage infused with cheese and jalapenos. Then they top it off with grilled peppers and onions. The sausage is spicy, but to really make it a scorcher they offer Texas Pete hot sauce in a pump at the condiments station. It was absolutely delicious and very reasonably priced. I was satisfied and ready to watch the game.

Then I met Kit Edwards. Kit is the hand on the concessions helm at BB&T Ballpark. I was still basking in the glow of the Cheeseapeno Dog when he insisted I try the star of of the Dash's menu, the Cheesy Pig Dog. It has a Smithfield frank which shares the bun with a hearty portion of Carolina pulled pork topped with mac n cheese. It is a dog that will fill you up and leave a smile on your face. He also keeps most ingredients sourced locally, which keeps it fresh, tasty, and provides a sustainable product. After one dog, I managed about three quarters of the Cheesy Pig. Afterward, the paramedics were able to roll me to my seat in a wheelchair after being treated for a food induced coma.

Concessions King Kit Edwards
Kit and his team do an awesome job of offering up some over the top concessions, which is an important factor in making a trip to the ballpark a memorable experience. I, for one, will never remember the name of the starting pitcher or the final score two years from now. But I will remember making a pig of myself with the Cheesy Pig. 

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