Friday, April 6, 2018

Hot Dog Alert #25

Great news! It's baseball season again! Watching the Pirates play in the snow sort of made it a weird start to the season, but it really, finally is here again. What are your plans for this season? Catching any games.

If you do, be sure to stop in Arlington, Texas for the hot dog (sort of) that is this season's talk of the town. It's the Dilly Dog

So what is a Dilly Dog? It is a large pickle stuffed with an angus beef hot dog frank and then battered up and deep fried like a corn dog. The Texas Chili Company makes the frank and another Texas firm provides the pickles. They are keeping it local in the metroplex.

It's $10, but that is a small price to pay for eating this year's most talked about monstrosity. And the fans agree. The Rangers sold over 2,500 of them opening week and are having a difficult time keeping up with demand.

Thank you Rangers, who gave us the Boomstick Dog, for keeping baseball concessions....well...interesting. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sunrise in the Evening

Earlier this year I reported on the Sunrise Hot Dog served up at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. I never intended to actually try this dog, but as fate would have it I caught a Royals game recently. Know what I had to eat at the ballpark? Yup, the monstrosity that everyone in Kansas City is talking about.

It must be said that the concessions folks at Kauffman are some of the nicest in the business. As for the hot dog, it tasted....well...unique. It reminded me a lot of biscuits and gravy on a bun. I am not a fan of biscuits and gravy, never have been. But a lot of people are, so if you like that breakfast dish, you will probably like this hot dog. It has a Farmland frank, bacon, cheese, gravy and eggs to order. 
I love Kauffman Stadium

I don't think I would order it again, but not because of the overall experience with it. But because it is sold at a hot dog stand on the right field concourse that offers up many other unique dogs that would probably please my tastebuds better than the Sunrise Dog. I do think this meal would be a hit if someplace local would offer it as a breakfast item. Unfortunately, the earliest most games start is noonish.

Here's a marketing idea. The Royals should have a 9 am game a few times a year, and include with each ticket a Sunrise Dog and a cup of coffee. That's a deal worth getting out of bed for. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hot Dog Alert #24

The Washington Nationals had a hot dog quandary. Due to their geographical location, they serve fans from several distinct regions. The most prominent being Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. To complicate  matters, each of areas have their taste preferences. Their problem was how does a team serve up a hot dog that satisfies all of those diverse tastes?

Not to be confused with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the DMV Dog caters to the Delaware, Maryland and Virginia fans by creating a confluence of ballpark favorites. It is a double dog (two hotdogs end to end) containing a half-smoke sausage for the frank, Maryland crab and Virginia ham. How is that for a home run of a dog? 

It cost $12 but it WILL be the only thing you eat at the ballpark. Again, the DMV Dog does not stand for "Department of Motor Vehicles." If it did, you would have to stand in the concession line for 2 hours only to be told they were not serving it that day. Fortunately, Nationals Park serves it every game. Get one. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Unique Ball Park Features

During my ballpark wanderings, I am also asked which stadium I like the most. The absolute 100% truthful answers is PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

But each MLB ballpark has its own charm and something the makes it unique. Rather than bloviate about it here, I made a BuzzFeed post as a guide to the top ten unique ballpark features in Major League Baseball. 

Here is the link. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hot Dog Alert #23

Some people say hot dogs are not good for you. To them I say, if you really want to help Americans be healthy, concentrate your efforts on banning smoking. Leave hot dogs alone and let the people enjoy our national dish in peace. And if you are still concerned about their health, send them to Camden Yards in Baltimore on July 2 for an Orioles game.

On that day, the Orioles are partnering with the Peruvian avocados team to give each fan a free topping of avocado on any purchased Oriole Dog, they are calling it the Avodog. If you haven't tried avocado on a hot dog, you should. It adds some unique flavor that not only enhances the taste of the meat, but gives you body a nice dose of omega-3 fatty acids. They tell me those are good for you.

So if you are in the Baltimore area, get your keyster out to the ballpark on July 2 and eat a few Avodogs. You can always tell anyone that objects that you are doing it for medical reasons. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hot Dog Alert #22

My secret food passion (other than hot dogs) is Mexican food. I mean who doesn't love the greasy and salty goodness of tacos, tamales, enchiladas and the like? The only problem is that is just doesn't feel right eating it at a ball game. Nachos are a ballpark staple but I need a hot dog. Some teams like the Albuquerque Isotopes have had an enchilada dog and the Isotopes have the right idea; why not fuse the favorites of Mexican food AND a hot dog?

The Texas Rangers answered the call on this and did so in typical Texas fashion: in a BIG way. Ever heard of the Most Valuable Player (MVP)? The Rangers now have the Most Valuable Tamale (MVT). The MVT takes the Rangers famous 24 inch Boomstick Dog to another level by stuffing it inside of a tamale. Then covering it with chili, nacho cheese and sour cream. Cost: $27. It sounds like a lot, but take it from me, I have had the original Boomstick Dog and it can easily feed four people. That is less than 7 bucks per fan to tackle this monstrous, Mexican meat bomb.

A roll of Tums is not included but recommended.   

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hot Dog Alert #21

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But hot dogs are obviously the most tasty meal of the day. And hot dogs at the ballpark are even tastier. If you are like me and occasionally get up a little to late for the breakfast menu at your local diner what can you do? If you live in Kansas City the answer is clear; head over to Kauffman Stadium, get a ticket for a Royals game and then head to the concession stand and grab a Sunrise Dog.

This new creation from Aramark allows you to enjoy breakfast on a bun anytime the Royals take the field. It is like pulling up a stool at a roadside diner for some biscuits and gravy, only you get to watch live hardball action while dining.

The Sunrise Dog is footlong breakfast beast that includes a griddle cooked frank, cheddar cheese, white gravy, bacon crumbles and a fried egg. It's everything you ever dreamed of; sleeping in late and then heading over to an afternoon Royals game for breakfast at the ballpark.

While I have not eaten it, it is certain to be a messy affair with the gravy and egg yolk and what not. My advice is to grab A LOT of napkins. I hear it is delicious and I highly recommend trying any hot dog so out of the ordinary. I would never steer you wrong. After all, I don't want to end up with egg on my face.