Sunday, April 16, 2017

Augusta GreenJackets: Pimento Cheese and Bacon Dog

This was my second trip to Lake Olmsted Stadium. It had so many great attributes. It is situated next to a beautiful lake, it is small and quaint, had mostly covered seating, and reeks of minor league baseball. It's everything a fan could ask; including FREE parking. The last time I was there was in the 1990s, when it was still relatively new. It hasn't changed much, but baseball has. Since it has everything I could want they are vacating it for a brand new and shiny stadium on the river beginning in 2018. How much you want to bet the new ballpark will have a corporate name attached to it and fans will have to pay to park? Sigh.

I was glad I got to catch a game in at Lake Olmstead as it sings its swan song. I'll miss it. The GreenJackets, unexpectedly, also offer two specialty dogs. The Auggie is a meat lovers dream. In addition to the frank it had BBQ pork and cole slaw. I chose the pimento cheese and bacon dog, mainly because it seemed more original. Plus, it is a collusion of two southern comfort foods and as a soutern boy I couldn't resist. I would have eaten both but I am about halfway through my road trip and I am running low on Imodium.

In retrospect, I should have chosen the Auggie Dog. The PC&B Dog has great potential but needs a few refinements. First the frank. An upgrade to a Hebrew National frank would do wonders for the overall taste. The pimento is a little overpowering so a 50% reduction in that topping would help. The pimento is also slightly cool, that robs the finished product of heat and hot dogs need to be served hot. My recommendation: charge fifty cents more for the dog, change the frank to a Hebrew National, cut the pimento in half, add one more slice of bacon and microwave it for twenty seconds before serving. Presto! A great specialty dog. All that being said, Augusta deserves kudos for serving up not one but two over the top dogs. Considering the size of the ballpark and concessions kitchen, it is miraculous they can offer even one. And, many teams in single A and with comparable ballparks only offer a bland regular hot dog.

So, by the powers vested in my by the baseball gods, I hereby command you to head down to Lake Olmstead Stadium and soak in the awesome baseballness of this minor league gem before the GreenJackets head for fancier digs. At least it won't be razed. A college team will take over the facility once the GreenJackets are gone.

And while you are there, arrive early and play the disc golf course across the street at Lake Olmstead Park. It is world class and was home of the 2006 Disc Golf World Championship. 

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