Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Durham Bulls: Cue Dog

While in North Carolina I checked out the ballpark where the movie Bull Durham was filmed. It is still standing, and still home of baseball, albeit college baseball. The Durham Bulls built a new ballpark in the mid 1990s. I took in a game there in the late 90s, catching some innings with a guy a have known since the first grade. So it seemed natural to attend my next Bulls' game with the the same guy. When Bruce and I were at the game in the 90s, he was childless. This time he brought his college-aged daughter. Man, how did that happen? Things in life seem to happen way too quickly. Then next thing you know Chipper Jones will be retiring.

Me, Katherine the Wunderkind, Bruce
The ballpark in downtown Durham had not changed much since my last visit. It is still the magnificent brick structure it has always been with that bull just above the left field wall that migrated from the old ballpark and is feature prominently in the movie. It is one of my favorite minor league parks. They did it right when the built Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

The Cue Dog
Their dogs aren't too shabby either. The offer the Cue Dog (short for Barbecue). It is basically a super large Carolina pulled pork dog. Along with the Brightleaf frank is a generous portion of pulled pork and cole slaw. Nothing too wild, except the size of it. It's a foot long meat torpedo that will sink any appetite.
Little league players with big league appetites

This is one outing that I enjoyed the company much more than the game. There is something to be said about having a monster hot dog and a beer with someone you played little league baseball with. You should call up your old friends and take in a game; today. 

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