Friday, November 18, 2016


Blog About a Dog got its 100,000th view this week. 

Thanks for all of your time and interest in the great american hot dog and our national pastime. 

More delicious posts to come!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

VBT Citizens Bank Park: The Balboa Dog

Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, unless your name happens to be Rocky Balboa. Then it is the city where you get your face bashed in movie after movie. While fiction, America's favorite underdog boxer will always be soundly connected to Philly and is probably only second to the cheesesteak sandwich as a city icon. There is that whole founding of our nation thing going on there, but nobody cares about that. No celebrity involvement to be found in Independence Hall.

I think Rocky is pissed Rolling Rock moved to NJ
You know what else Philadelphia is famous for. The Texas Tommy. Despite its Lone Star State moniker, this hot dog was invented near Philly and is a hot dog that is split down the middle, filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon. Personally, I think it gives the cheesesteak a run for its money and tastes better. Argue that point with a Philadelphian and you are likely to be dropped faster than Apollo Creed. You have been warned.

It is only fitting that the Phillies and Citizens Bank Park get a dog with two local legends in the bun. In this corner, allow me to introduce the Balboa Dog. Start with a large grilled bun and then grill up a Hebrew National frank, split it down the middle and fill with your favorite cheese. Laying in a slice or two of bacon serves two purposes. First, it is true to the original Texas Tommy, and secondly it pays homage to the hanging meat that Rocky Balboa used to pound on during training in the first (and best) Rocky movie. Top with sliced hard boiled egg. Another nod to the movie where Rocky downed raw eggs for protein and muscle building. I would have used raw eggs on the dog, except that it would be gross and that whole salmonella thing. Add some dijon mustard and enjoy.

The Phillies, just like the Rocky movies, started out strong a few years back but have had a really bad run as of late. Watching them play can be as painful as a few rounds in the ring with the Italian Stallion. Downing a Balboa Dog while catching a few innings will help ease the pain. And unlike for Rocky, there is always next year.

Beer pairing: Rolling Rock beer was brewed in nearby Latrobe until 2006. It still has a large following in the area despite moving to New Jersey (NJ? Really?). Served ice cold it is the perfect paring for the Balboa Dog.