Friday, April 14, 2017

Myrtle Beach Pelicans: The Big Daddy/Chicago Dog

The Big Daddy
My timing still seems to be off. After fighting the horrendous traffic in the touristy town of Myrtle Beach, I finally pulled into (huh?) Field. The good news is they offer FREE parking. Bad news is it was opening night, meaning I could only get a standing room only ticket. The good news is it only cost me five bucks. The bad news is it started to sprinkle right at game time. The good news is I hunted down the what I thought was their only big dog, a very tasty Chicago Dog. The bad news is, after eating the loaded Chicago Dog, I found the actual big dog that offer: the Big Daddy. More bad news: I decided to eat them both.

Chicago Dog
First the Chicago Dog. If you want a real Chicago you need to use what Chicago uses, a Vienna Beef frank. The bad news is they don't use Vienna Beef. The good news is they use Hebrew National instead, and you know how I love Hebrew National hot dogs. In reality, using a HN frank makes the Chicago Dog taste better. Factor in that the Windy City Wieners stand really loads up that dog and you have a real treat. And it only costs five dollars. It SHOULD be the only hot dog you need all night. I have eaten a lot of Chicago Dogs in my day, this one might have been the best. HIGHLY recommended.

Then I found the OTHER specialty dog stand. The Big Daddy Dog was supposed to be so big it could satisfy Rick Reuschel. Despite being full, I had to have it. I do it for you, you know.

The Big Daddy is supposed to be a giant brat covered in grilled onions and peppers. It was all that, only not giant-sized. It ended up being comparable to a normal sized hot dog but with lots of peppers and onion. It wasn't bad, but not great either. Lesson: if at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans game, get a Chicago Dog. They are a Cubs affiliate after all.

The game? I lasted about an inning. It was threatening rain, it was super crowded and I needed some Rolaids.

The ballpark isn't the greatest. It has a very nice front facade, but the interior is just ho-hum. The neatest part is the seats are from the the Atlanta Braves old digs of Fulton County Stadium.

If this ballpark was situated further inland, away from the crazy tourist traffic, I would say put this stadium on your baseball road trip list. But, factoring in that the ballpark itself is lackluster, not historic and driving around Myrtle Beach will make you reach for a strychnine cocktail, I'd skip it. 

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