Monday, October 17, 2016

VBT Nationals Park: The Politician

Ahhhhhh, our nation's capitol. Full of history, monuments, museums and....sleaze. Too bad the Nationals ended up in Washington DC instead of Charlotte when they moved from Montreal. The District of Columbia would be a great town if it wasn't full of politicians.

Somehow, during my lifetime, we went from our elected officials being representatives of the people to being tools of establishment politics. With all of the disdain that our lawmakers in Washington invoke, this hot dog was designed with them in mind. Here is The Politician.

Start with on oversized bun. A big one, over inflated like our national budget. Then put in a all-bull frank (normally an all-beef wiener, but in this case it would be bull), lay in some pork, just like every bill passed in congress. I use some boneless ribs in my dog, add two slices of bacon because bacon comes from pigs and...well, you can connect those dot. Lastly, add some shredded mozzarella cheese. I originally did not intend to put cheese on this dog, but a lobbyist from the dairy industry bribed me to do so.

While this dog is delicious, it is named The Politician, so be prepared for an upset stomach after ingesting it. As well as a bad taste in your mouth. Just kidding, it really is tasty, but will all of that political jargon I couldn't resist.

Beer pairing. Fat Tire is one of my favorite beers. Their brewery is in Fort Collins, Colorado. That is no where near Washington DC, but Fat Tire rhymes with Big Fat Liar, so it really is a fitting beer for The Politician.

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