Saturday, October 15, 2016

VBT Angel Stadium: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Nearly everyone has had a dog that eventually crossed the rainbow bridge. It is an absolute life cruelty that dogs only live for about 10-15 years. Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing your best friend. But with the unbridled goodness that lives in all canines, all dogs must surely go to heaven. That is why, when I set out to design a hot dog for the Anaheim Angels, I didn't want no Mickey Mouse hot dog, I wanted one that represented dogs and angels. I don't know about you, but when I cross over, I will have a pack of fluffy and furry friends knock me over and give me the lick down of a lifetime. As soon as that is over, I am taking all of them out to the best hot dog stand on the other side.

What do all angels have in common? Halos and wings of course, and they are the centerpiece of the All Dogs Go to Heaven Dog. It features a larger then usual toasted bun (because dogs love to gorge themselves), an all beef Hebrew National frank (dogs LOVE beef), the frank it topped with boneless buffalo chicken wings (representing angel wings), onion rings (a nod to the halo), and chopped celery (because this dog had to have something healthy on it). It is a dog that you, or your dog, will love. So the next time you tune into an Angels game, grill up an extra dog for the dog and catch a few innings with your best friend. And this time, let him up on the couch.

Beer pairing: Although brewed in nearby San Diego, a Ballast Point beer will give your dog a nice compliment with its hint of hops. Pour your bestest pal a dish full of cool water, and yourself a cold Ballast Point brew.

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