Thursday, October 20, 2016

VBT Minute Maid Park: The Apollo 13

Gather 'round kids. Uncle Tom is going to tell you about once upon a time when America had an actual manned spaceflight program. It was tremendous. We even went to the moon! Now, we have some fiscal blackhole orbiting the earth that we hitch a ride to when the Russians allow us to ride in their rockets. It was a great time kids, America was great and the space program was a real source of national pride.

Once those mighty rockets rose off of the launch pad, their oversight was transferred from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas. Houston would manage the flight until its return home. Did you know that the first word ever received from the surface of the moon was “Houston?” Know you know how the Houston Astros got their team name.

But it didn't always go smoothly. Several astronauts gave their lives reaching for the stars, and three nearly did but made such a harrowing brush with death that they made a movie about it. Apollo 13 had a near catastrophic explosion on its way to the moon, they had to abort their planned lunar landing and barely made it back alive. With the exception of Apollo 11 (the first lunar landing), Apollo 13 is the most famous of all moon missions.

It is in honor of those brave souls that cheated death we introduce the Apollo 13 Dog. It's a bit of a monster so pay close attention:
Start with a very large bun. Lay a bed of pepperoni medallions, lay the frank on top of the pepperoni, squirt on some mustard, put in some diced onions, dash in some sriracha sauce, a bit of chopped jalapenos, some relish, shredded cheese of your choice, diced sweet peppers, some avocado, a few tomato wedges, some crushed potato chips, two spoonfuls of pinto beans, and top with a sprinkling of Tang. That's right, Tang. It's an astronaut themed hot dog you know.

You know how many toppings that is? You guessed it, thirteen. This is a loaded dog that will send you over the moon with processed meat pleasure. And trust me, the Tang tastes great on it.

Beer pairing: It's Tex-ass. Blast off with a six pack of Lone Star while plowing your way through the Apollo 13 dog.

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