Thursday, August 4, 2016

Colorado Rockies: Beachcomber Dog

Despite a restricted travel schedule, I managed to dodge the rain while camping in the Rocky Mountains and catch a Colorado Rockies game. Coors Field is one of my favorites and I was treated to a slug fest that included six homers.

The Rockies have always done a great job of offering up a wide selection of specialty hot dogs. Since my first visit they still offer the Denver Dog, Santa Fe Dog, Diablo Dog and a few others. The one the caught my eye this time around was the Beachcomber Dog. It not only has a catchy name but interesting ingredients.

The sesame seed hot dog bun had what I was told was a Hebrew National, but I have my doubts, it didn't taste like a HN. It wasn't bad, but not what I normally associate with my favorite frank. I suspect the concessions worker was misinformed. On top of the frank was pineapple chunks and jalapeno slices, both doused with BBQ sauce.

The pineapple and jalapeno fought for dominance in taste, with the BBQ sauce acting as referee. In the end, it was a pretty damn good specialty dog for $6.50. It's not huge, but for that price I wouldn't expect it to be. And since one won't fill you up, you will have room left over to check out the Denver Dog. Oh, and the Rockies are exciting this year...see them.

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