Wednesday, August 10, 2016

VBT Great American Ballpark: Breakfast of Champions Dog

Do you which team has the oldest team name in baseball? It's the Cincinnati Reds. Yup. Fooled me too. It would have been the oldest team name in continuous use, but they changed their name to the Red Legs for a few years in the 1950s. It seems Reds was too closely associated with communism, and with the USSR being the closest rival to the USA and threatening the way of life for just about every nation it associated with, it seemed prudent to shake things up for a while.

That makes the Cincinnati Reds the oldest team in baseball, name-wise anyway. They were around at the dawn of baseball. And you know what meal you eat at dawn? Breakfast. And in the days of my youth, the 1970s, the Cincinnati Reds were most definitely champions. That is why I designed the Breakfast of Champions Dog for the the Reds and Great American Ballpark.

This dog is easy to make because I recommend using the microwave version of most ingredients. Particularly the pancake part. Homemade pancakes usually will not hold together well enough to serve as a bun.

Start with a flat pancake for a bun, fry up an egg hard, lay it on top of the pancake. Fry or microwave a breakfast sausage of your choice, put on top of the egg, sprinkle on a half of a handful of Captain Crunch cereal and then pour on some maple syrup. Fold and eat.

If you do make these using frozen pancakes, remember most varieties are relatively small, so plan on eating two. Even better, if you live in the Mountain or Pacific time zones, wait until the Reds have a 1pm Eastern start. That way you can have the Breakfast of Champions Dog as a real breakfast. And you have my permission to sleep in until game time.

Beer pairing. Little Kings Cream Ale is a Cincinnati stalwart that has been a favorite of the denizens of the Queen City for decades. Make sure you pick up the pony bottles, they fit the size of the dog better. And you have my permission to drink them before noon. 

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