Saturday, July 30, 2016

VBT Target Field: Double Dog Dare Dog

The Minnesota Twins. Now there is a fan base that knows their processed meat. And I love the summer. Not to mention the relatively new Target Field is one of baseball's true gems of a ballpark. Seeing a game there is a treat for any the summer.

The Twinkies get their name from the fact that they are the team for the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Love the old Twins logo of the two ballplayer shaking hands across the river that separates the two towns.

But twins means two. Two of exactly the same thing. So it is in the truest sense of upholding the twin definition the I created the Double Dog Dare Dog. On a large hoagie but, put in not one BUT TWO Hebrew National franks, top with grilled sauerkraut and diced jalapenos and then pour on some spicy brown mustard. Double the taste, double the meat, double the treat. The next time you have the Twins on the tube, whip up a Double Dog Dare Dog, plop on the sofa enjoy it with a beer. Make that two beers.

Beer pairing: While it is only available in about 20 states, Summit beer makes a crisp pilsners that will go nicely with the Double Dog Dare Dog. One of Minnesota's finest beverages.

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