Thursday, July 28, 2016

VBT Tropicana Field: Cool Ray Dog

Baseball in Tampa is cool. You know why? It's air conditioned; all the time. The Tampa Rays play in the only pure dome baseball stadium. While most other teams that could use a roof over their head from time to time have built retractable-roof ballparks, Tampa remains mired in the 1970s and uses the domed Tropicana Field. You know what I like about domed ballparks? Nothing. But is does keep it cool when the temperature outside is broiling.

Speaking of broiling, you won't need a broiler to prepare the creation called the Cool Ray Dog. Why? Because this is one of the few pieces of edible art I have created that you put your favorite brand of veggie dog on. Florida is mostly coast you know, you have to keep your beach body in mind so for this dog we skip the meat and focus on vegetables and fruit.

Start by grilling your bun along with the veggie dog (I recommend Field Roast). Top with sliced cucumbers, mandarin oranges (they do play in Tropicana Field after all) and then pour on cool ranch dressing to taste. This delectable dog will keep you fit while pleasing your tummy. And hopefully, it will detract you from how horrible the artificial turf in the dome looks.

Beer pairing: The oldest town in America? Saint Augustine, Florida. While not near Tampa, it is in the same state. Oldest beer in America? Yuengling. That's a Pennsylvania beer, but guess where they have their second brewery? Yep, Tampa. Wash down your Cool Ray Dog with one. 

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