Wednesday, July 20, 2016

VBT PETCO Park: The Poor Man's Surf and Turf

I hope you had time to catch the All-Star Game in San Diego's PETCO Park last week. Me? Wanted to, but as I am too cheap to have cable I missed it. I thought for sure MLBTV would broadcast it, especially since I plunked down lots of bucks for it. But they didn't, reading the box scores was my All-Star experience. Thanks MLB.

If you did see it, you know what a gem of a park PETCO is. Great baseball venue. I lived in San Diego off and on for 12 years during my 24 year stint in the Navy. But, when I was living there that area was a bunch of rundown warehouses and the Padres played in the utilitarian and ugly Jack Murphy Stadium.

What I did learn during my time in San Diego is that it is a great town with strong ties to the the ocean that dominates its western boundary. What I learned during 24 years in the Navy is that we pay our service members waaaay too little for what they do. If you have ever been in the military you know how hard it is to make ends meet. It is with San Dog's seaside heritage and recognition of those that serve never having much expendable cash that I introduce the hot dog designed for PETCO Park: The Poor Man's Surf and Turf.

Start with a big bun; because buns are cheap and filling. Lay in a delicious all-beef (kind of like steak) Hebrew National frank, top with sliced avocado and cocktail shrimp (kind of like lobster). Pour on cocktail sauce to taste.

It is like surf and turf on a bun, but at a much lower cost. If you follow the Padres, like I have for years, you know that the cost of a few of these dogs is about the same as the Padres payroll. The Padres, forever the team selling off its talent.

Beer Pairing: You know what washes down the Poor Man's Surf and Turf Dog best? San Diego's southern border butts up against Mexico. Considering the beach and Mexico being within easy reach of any San Diegan, the beer paring can be none other than a cold, crip Corona. 

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