Saturday, May 14, 2016

VBT Wrigley Field: The Under Dog

Ahhhh...Wrigely Field. The second oldest ballpark in MLB and by the accounts of many, the stadium with the most baseball charm. I used to agree, then they put up that abomination of a scoreboard in left field. Now it looks like your grandma trying to sport an Apple watch. But you can't deny those that still believe; the brick, the ivy...the Chicago dogs.

The Chicago style hot dog is undoubtedly the most famous in all of baseball. While most ballparks offer some sort of specialty dog, nearly all also offer a Chicago somewhere on the concourse. If just one hot dog had to carry the mantle of the perfect ballpark meal, it would be the Chicago dog. And there is no better place on earth to eat one than Wrigley Field. Everything in the baseball universe would be perfect while eating one in the friendly confines if it weren't for one thing: the Cubs play there.

In case you haven't heard, the Cubs have not won a World Series in over 100 years...seriously. They have come close, but always choke. Someone in the Windy City has seriously pissed off the baseball gods. No one is more aware of the pain and hearbreak of being a Cubs fan than Cubs fans. And while they are perennial losers, Cubs fans remain loyal. In my opinion, Cubs fans are the most ardent and faithful fans in baseball. Some fanbases come close, but none beat the Cubbies supporters. And after rooting for the underdog for over a century, I think they have earned our respect.

That is why I designed the Underdog specifically for the boys on Addison Avenue. It's hard to improve on a ballteam's eats that owns the Chicago dog, so I pay homage to a great dog and abysmal team by taking the Chicago dog and building it backwards. It is basically an upside down Chicago dog. Underdog. Get it?

To make one start with a poppyseed bun, sprinkle in some celery salt, put in some tomato wedges, a pickle spear, spicy brown mustard, onions, relish and then put the frank on top. If you want to go really tradition use a Vienna Beef frank, but I used Hebrew National (because they taste better).

In the 2016 season, as I write this in the middle of May, the Cubs have the best record in baseball, as well as perhaps the best roster in the game. But it's early, and even if it all goes in their favor, the Cubs will find a way to blow it. They will choke. And Cubs fans, for all of their hopes and dreams, know it.

Beer pairing: it's Wrigley Field! You MUST down this dog with the beer that defines Cubs baseball: Old Style. 

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