Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hot Dog Alert #15

If you are not from West Virginia, then you probably have never eaten a pepperoni roll. It is one of those very local delicacies that you find in pockets of macro culinary culture. More specifically, it is a central West Virginia dish. Think pig in a blanket but with pepperoni instead of a hot dog. There are different variants, including adding cheese, peppers and tomato sauce. As a central WV native, I had no idea we invented one of the tastiest treats on the planet. Unfortunately for the rest of America, the pepperoni roll seems to have never been able to break out of the boundaries of the Mountain State.

Now, you can get an over-the-top version and enjoy some hardball action Appalachian style. Head on over to Monongalia County Ballpark and catch a Black Bears game. The ballpark is only a couple of years old and has a dramatic sweeping view of the valley from the parking lot.

While watching the pitcher's delivery (I said, delivery, not Deliverance) test out the Black Bears ode to local cuisine: the Loaded Pepperoni Roll. It's close enough to a hot dog to warrant exploring, and trust me when I tell you that you will relish the experience. The Black Bears have taken a delicious pepperoni roll, cut it open and added custard chili and nacho cheese. It is guaranteed to stain your shirt and put a smile on your face.

West Virginia is a stunningly beautiful state, and now you can enjoy both it's natural beauty and it culinary claim to fame. Just don't tell them you know me. There's a reason I had to leave the state.

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