Wednesday, May 11, 2016

VBT O.Com Stadium: BART Dog

You know what the ballpark in Oakland, aka Stadium, has going for it? It's not the worst in baseball, that prize belongs to Tampa. The Athletics need new digs and they know it. The second best thing Oakland has in its favor is the Bay Area Rapid Transit, known as BART. You can take the BART just about anywhere, and it will drop you off very near the ballpark. I love using the BART when on the eastern side of the bay. Well, you know, other than worrying about getting mugged while riding the BART. But I will risk bodily injury to avoid outrageous stadium parking fees any day.

I love public transportation so much that I designed Oakland's hot dog after the iconic people mover. I call it....are you ready? The BART Dog. Only BART stands for Bacon, Asparagus, Radishes and Tomato. The really great part about this hot dog are the vegetables on it. It is a little known scientific fact that if you put veggies on a hot dog it will cancel out the supposed negative effects of the processed meat and bacon. Really. I read it on the internet.

To make this Bay Area masterpiece take a large bun, lay in a grilled Hebrew National hot dog, add two slices of bacon, lay two asparagus poles alongside, arrange sliced radish discs on the side of the bun and top with diced tomatoes. You can add you favorite mustard or sauce to finish it off. I used the Secret Stadium Sauce from Milwaukee since I have a few bottles sitting around. Yeah, I have a stockpile of stadium-specific condiments in my home. They are strictly for science though.

Beer pairing: Brewed just up north from Oakland in Chico is Sierra Nevada Brewery. Grab a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to accompany your BART dog while watching the A's play in that cement ashtray they call a ballpark. 

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