Monday, May 9, 2016

VBT Dodger Stadium: The Vin Scully

Today we grab a dog and tune into a Dodgers game. Dodger Stadium is one of my all-time favorite ballparks. It's traditional (third oldest in MLB), it has great weather and it was built with a great mid-century modern flair. To honor the great Dodger broadcaster, I introduce you to The Vin Scully. It's a great hot dog all baseball fans will love. You know what is really crazy, weird and over the top about this hot dog? Nothing. It's an old school hot dog that it as traditional as they come...just like Vin Scully.

If you know baseball, you know Vin. If you don't, this one item should let you know just how famous and respected he is: he is a sports broadcaster and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not only has he won countless broadcasting awards, he was named sports broadcaster OF THE CENTURY for the 20th century. Considering the competition, that's quite an accomplishment and an acknowledgement well deserved.

If you have never hear Vin Scully call a ballgame, I have no idea where you have been for the last, oh, 67 years. That is how long he has been calling Dodger baseball. His is THE most recognized voice in the sport and perhaps the smoothest of all time. Listening to Vin call a game is like having your grandmother tell you a bedtime story; you hang on every word and even if it doesn't end the way you want you know there will be another chapter that will. Vin's voice is one of the touchstones of baseball that every fan alive today has laid their fingers upon.

If you haven't heard this baseball great call a game, do it NOW. Vin will be officially retiring after the 2016 season. So stream it on the internet, hang six rolls of Reynold's Wrap from your radio antenna or whatever you have to do to tune in at least one game. You do not want to go though the rest of your life having passed up the chance to hear baseball's most memorable voice.

The Vin Scully Dog? Bun, Hebrew National frank, mustard, onions and relish.
Simple, traditional, tasty and screams baseball...just like Vin Scully would want it.

Beer Pairing: Los Angeles really doesn't have any nationally available brews, but Hawaii does. And since Hawaii doesn't have an MLB team, the Dodgers one of the closest to the islands. So I recommend a Kona Longboard to was down the Vin Scully (the hot dog, not the broadcaster). You can get it as most beer distributors, and it is sold in Dodger Stadium. Enjoy. 

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