Tuesday, May 24, 2016

VBT Coors Field: Mile High Dog

One of my favorite ballparks is Coors Field. It looks and feels like a baseball stadium and has some of the most affordable ticket prices in the sport. Four bucks will get you a bleacher seat. Hard to beat that. Want to know something really scary? I remember when it was built in the early 1990s. It was a gem then and still is. The scary part? Coors field is now the third oldest ballpark in the National League. Yikes. Maybe it really is time to open all that junk mail I get from AARP.

One of the unique things about baseball in Denver and Coors Field is the atmospherics. The field is nearly a mile high in the sky and the thin air affects both pitch dynamics and flight of the ball after it is hit. I'll let someone smarter than me (yes, they do exist) tell you more about that if you are interested.

The high altitude is due to Denver's close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, which should be no surprise why they are called the Colorado Rockies. You know the lyrics to that patriotic song? The mountains purple majesty, or something like that. Which is why the Rockies uniforms are purple, and there is one and only one row of purple seats that circles the upper deck seating in Coors Field; it delineates the row that is exactly one mile high. And that is why the hot dog I designed for for the Colorado Rockies is called the Mile High Dog.

Start with the best. Grill up a Hebrew National all-beef frank, place in a brat bun and then garnish with veggies that are purple like the team's uniforms: red onion and red romaine lettuce (both are called red, but in reality are purple in color). Top with chipolte mayo to remind the eater that despite the altitude, the team is located in the west.

It is a very simple dog to make and is a delicious way to take in a Rockies game.

Beer pairing: It's Coors Field. Just get a regular banquet Coors and skip the lite. Live a little. 

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