Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hot Dog Alert #11

Avast matey! The race for over-the-top hot dog booty has reached the high seas. Well, at least the shores of the Allegheny River. The Pittsburgh Pirates have cranked up the concessions at notch at PNC Park this season with the intention of making waves. They are introducing the Cracker Jack and Mac Dog. You heard right...cracker jacks and mac ‘n cheese on the same bun.

It’s a dog that is a crazy as those late 70s Pirates uniforms, but the team assure us it is delicious. It starts out with an all-beef frank topped with mac ‘n cheese, salted caramel sauce, deep-fried pickled jalapenos, and then sprinkled with cracker jacks. All this wrapped up in naan bread. Just using naan instead of a bun would bust the unique barrier, but add in the rest and you have a dog that fans will be walking the plank to try.

It looks amazing really. And the bonus? You get to eat it at PNC Park. If you follow my blog you know that PNC is my favorite of all MLB parks. Pittsburgh just does it right at the ballpark.

Heading there this summer? I hope to but not certain I can make it. How about ordering up a Cracker Jack and Mac Dog and be a guest blogger to let America how it really tastes?

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