Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hot Dog Alert #12

So you thought cracker jacks and mac ‘n cheese was over the top huh? While the Pirates do offer a one of a kind dog, concessions at the ballpark are about to get even fruitier...literally.

The Cleveland Indians, who last year had one of the best monster dogs with The Thomenator, are upping the Pirates by including one of the most unconventional hot dog toppings ever: Froot Loops.

Meet the Slider Dog. It is a one-fifth pound frank topped with mac ‘n cheese (what’s with all the mac ‘n cheese dogs lately?), bacon and sprinkled with America’s favorite fruity breakfast cereal. Sounds delicious no?

It has gotten a lot of press lately, but no real reviews of how it tastes. It has been my experience that you should never judge a dog by its advertised ingredients, some of those wild concoctions taste pretty darn good together. Although, this may be a stretch. Any Indian fans want to give us a report?

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