Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Salt River Field: Man versus Mega Dog

I came…I saw…I kicked its ass! As previously reported I was fortunate enough to be able to make a short trip to spring training where I was able to take in games at the ballparks in Surprise, Camelback and Salt River. Salt River is home of the Cactus League’s premiere processed meat monster: the MEGA DOG.

The Mega Dog is daunting, but manageable. I strategically picked out a spot on the grass berm in order to keep the food contamination to the ballpark at a minimum while I plowed into the beefy beast. Not to mention to keep from selling a kidney to afford a ticket to one of the more expensive spring training venues. Hauling the several pound treat to the grassy knoll for assassination by ingestion was easy enough, but handling it was not as simple. I quickly reverted to the weapon of choice for slaying such a monster: a fork.

Displaying the wares
How was it? It is a ½ pound, all-beef National Deli frank covered in tender pulled pork, topped with southwest mac and cheese (that is mac and cheese with green chili added). The ingredients played well together on the bun and served up a delicious ballpark meal. If I have one issue it would be the amount of cheese they smother the dog with, it could stand about half of what is added.
How did it stack up?

Appeal-as the only monster dog offered in the Cactus League, the competition is slim. But, it was appealing enough to warrant a drive to Phoenix-4

Ingredients-top notch fillings. Normally, National Deli is not on my top few of hot dog choices but the all-beef on the Mega Dog is quite tasty-4.5

Ahhh....the aroma of the Mega Dog
Uniqueness-the mac and cheese, the pulled pork, the large frank…it’s all been done before. Putting green chili in the mac and cheese is the sole unique twist-3.5

Monstrosity Factor-it was big, and I actually had help eating it, but I am certain I could have downed it all by myself. Big, but not the biggest-4
Value-it can feed two fans and costs $13. A good ballpark bargain-5

Overall Taste-minus a half of a point due to the cheese overload, otherwise it is quite delicious-4.5

A score of 25.5 of 30 is a dog worth tackling, but not worth a trip specifically to the desert. Unless of course you are mired in winter weather, then by all means enjoy a Mega Dog. Otherwise, leave it to the professionals…I do it for you.

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