Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hot Dog Alert #7

Chicago residents lamented the closing of the iconic Hot Doug’s this year. Owner Doug Sohn hung up his apron for good and one of the finest hot dog emporiums in the nation fell silent. Then the Cubs called.

Looking to reinvigorate their hot dog lineup (as all ballclubs should), the Cubbies lured Doug out of his short-lived retirement. Doug, an ardent Cubs fan, couldn’t say no. What hot dog vendor wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to put their fingerprint on Wrigley Field?

Even better, Doug is naming his encased meat delicacies after famous Cubs players from the 1970s. Here is his initial lineup:

Carmen Fanzone Dog-a spicy Vienna polish sausage with spicy brown mustard and caramelized onions.

Dave Kingman Dog-a bacon cheeseburger sausage with cola BBQ sauce and sharp cheddar cheese.

Rick Reuschel Dog-an atomic pork sausage with chipotle mustard and pepper jack cheese.

If you missed the 1970s due to being too young or being on drugs, trust me when I tell you these are great choices for hot dog monikers. Not much has changed since then, the Cubs still suck and Wrigley is still the ballpark with the ivy wall, but the infusion of the new hot dogs will give Wrigley concessions a new level of respectability. And hopefully help fans ignore that eyesore of a giant jumbotron they put in left field.

Doug, if you are listening, I’ll be more than happy to test these puppies out for you.

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