Saturday, October 24, 2015

World Series Wiener Report

The contestants for the fall classic are set! The Mets square off against the Royals for the top spot in MLB. Both teams clawed their way to the top, with the Mets surprising everyone, perhaps their fans the most. The New York and Kansas City benches are filled with talent, and those lucky enough to have a few thousands bucks stashed under their couch cushions or desperate enough to sell a major body organ can grab a seat in Citi Field or Kauffman Stadium to catch the action.

But what will those fans do when they get hungry? Anyone that would attend the World Series and not have a hot dog is a sure communist, that means tens of thousands of dogs will be consumed during the Series. Which venue offers the best dog options? We need only to climb into the Hot Dog Explorer Wayback Machine to see how those ballparks fared during my quest this summer for the best specialty hot dog.

Citi Field leans heavily on the New York Deli reputation to offer up the Pastrami Dog. It is a double-meat treat that starts off with a Nathan’s frank, topped with brown mustard and pastrami. This delicious creation is adorned with a pickle spear. It scored a 26 of the dog-o-meter during my visit.

Kauffman Stadium has a much better selection of specialty dogs, but the one that tops the list is the Royal Bacon Blue Dog. It is a Farmland frank covered in blue cheese crumbles, blue cheese dressing, chopped bacon and red onions. It weighed in with an overall score of 25.5.

So there you have it, the Mets edge the Royals for specialty dog bragging rights. I will say that the Royals have a far better selection, more interesting ballpark and cooler uniforms. So, my money's on the Royals.

Stuck at home and can’t get a ticket? Join the club. You can recreate any of the dogs listed. Just be sure to use an oversized bun to hold in all of that goodness. And if you really want it tasty: use a Hebrew National frank.

Enjoy the Series and grab a dog!

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