Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hot Dog Alert #6

They say things are bigger in Texas. After consuming a good portion of the two-foot long Boomstick Hot Dog at Globe Life Park in Arlington, I believe it. But things are about to get weird as well.

In case you are glued to the tube on Saturdays and Sunday taking in football, you may have failed to notice that it is STILL baseball season and the MLB playoffs have begun. And if you are mesmerized by boys chasing the pigskin around and oblivious to other important life events (I am talking to you Oklahoma), you missed a great baseball comeback as the Texas Rangers clawed their way from third place to take the American League West Division.

So what are the Rangers going to do to celebrate and reward fans for coming out to root for the team? Introduce a new hot dog of course. This entry is a mixture of sweet and meaty. I know, sounds nasty, but I thought so too until I started testing some really strange dogs. They can be tasty if properly done.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce….The Cotton Candy Dog. It is a regular hot dog topped with cotton candy infused mustard and a tuft of either blue or pink cotton candy on top.

It doesn’t sound all that appealing, but I have learned not to judge a dog by its toppings. I’d love to try one, but alas, the Cotton Candy Dog will only be available during the playoffs. And I don’t have tickets. Want a full report on the dog? No problemo...just send me a playoff ticket and I am all over it. Talking to you Texas Rangers.  

If you do happen to have a ticket, get one ($10) and you can be a guest blogger and tell us all about this circus on a bun.

And allow me to repeat...IT IS STILL BASEBALL SEASON!

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