Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lakeland Flying Tigers: Hot Dog

Sometimes I can’t believe my luck. After getting into the Atlanta Braves game for one buck I hit Joker Marchant Stadium for a Lakeland Flying Tigers game. Entry one buck, dogs one buck...score!

Ready for another history lesson? The Flying Tigers are the single A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. They have a tiger mascot, but in logos he wears old-school aviation gear. Why? The Flying Tigers were a group of civilian fighter pilots called the American Volunteer Group (AVG) that, under the leadership of General Lee Chennault, flew a squadron of P-40 Warhawks against the Japanese prior to the United States’ entry into World War Two. Their primary mission was to harass and interdict Japanese aircraft that were attacking China. And while there is no connection, Joker Marchant Stadium is built on a site that used to be an airfield that trained pilots during the Second World War. Nice play on the MLB Tigers and historic Flying Tigers. Pay attention kiddos, because this is where it all comes together and I help the Lakeland team out. Help, because they have no specialty dog, although they are working on one. I am not rating their specialty dog because it doesn’t exist. But for a buck their regular dog did taste good.

What Lakeland needs is a dog lineup that is not only delicious but pays homage to their history and heritage. Here are my suggestions for a new dog menu at Joker Marchant Stadium.

Warhawk Wiener-(remember that the P-40 Warhawk was the aircraft the Flying Tigers flew). This would be the regular hot dog. Continue to use the National brand frank and make this the base hot dog. They already have kraut, onions and relish as condiments. Add jalepenos. Not much to change over their current hot dog.

Red Hot Chennault-(named after the fiery leader of the Flying Tigers). Use a Hebrew National frank, add grilled onions and red peppers as an option. Add Sriracha sauce (it is from Asia, where the Flying Tigers operated) and mildly spicy giving to the name “Red Hot” Chennault.

Bengal Brat-a Bengal it a type of tiger, as in Detroit Tigers. On a larger bun (preferably a hoagie bun) add a large, locally-sourced bratwurst, pineapple pico de gallo and chipotle mayonnaise. This would qualify as the Flying Tigers biggest specialty dog.

There you have it, a plan to catapult the Lakeland Flying Tigers to new heights in the world of processed meat. A dog menu that not only gives fans a reason to hit the concession stand but ties in local history as well as the parent club. And damn delicious I might add. I offer this to the Flying Tigers for the low low price of a team ballcap. And my picture on the scoreboard...ok, the picture thing is negotiable.

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