Monday, August 10, 2015

Atlanta Braves: Grand Slam Dog

Sometimes the internet is the cause of serious distress for me. In this case, gastrointestinal distress. I did my due diligence in finding the Dixie Dog, what I believed to be the Atlanta Braves most monstrous specialty dog. I even asked Fan Services inside Turner Field. Yep, I was on the right track. I found it, ordered it and ate it. It was big and delicious. But while taking a picture of it one of the ushers became curious and asked about my life’s quest. She told me the Dixie Dog was indeed a large and tasty treat, but that I should really try the REALLY BIG dog down at section 220. What? Sure enough, I sauntered down to that area and found the Grand Slam Dog, a dog of titanic proportions that I was beholden to try, even on a full stomach. I do it for science, man.  

The Grand Slam Dog is one-half pound angus beef frank and can be topped with any or all of the following: peppers & onions, diced onions, vidalia relish, bacon, sauerkraut, chili and cheese. I owed to you to test the full meal deal so I ordered one with everything.

Appeal-a decent moniker and the fact that it is all black angus means it is something that fans would seek out. 5

Ingredients-top quality angus beef and pretty much anything else you would need to craft a dog to meet your palate's desire. 5

Uniqueness-the angus beef is what sets it apart. Other than that is a really BIG hot dog. 4.5

Monstrosity Factor-it almost pegged the meter. I could probably eat a whole one and be satisfied for nine innings. After downing the Dixie Dog I only got about half down. It is daunting, but not unslayable. 4.5

Value-at $16 it is overpriced. The leading contender was far less and more dog. 3

Overall Taste-good with all of those toppings. But the thing about the angus beef is that if it isn’t your absolute favorite, you have to chew through a lot of it to eat this dog. I like angus steaks, I think the beef is too lean for a hot dog though. It wasn’t bad, but not quite juicy (read fatty) enough for me. 4
An overall score of 26 is good, but frankly I think the Braves would have done better with just the Dixie Dog (which I think tasted better). Kudos to the Braves for putting a monster on the menu though. I also think this is another illustration of how hard it is to hunt these dogs down. Most vendors and even Fan Services did not know about its existence.

And and extra-special shout out to the Braves for providing fan tickets for ONE DOLLAR that are available two and one half hours before game time. That is a team that wants fans in the ballpark. Great job Braves!

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  1. Tom, was good to meet you on your quest last Sunday at Turner Field. The Dixie Dog was a good choice!