Saturday, August 8, 2015

Akron Rubber Ducks: The Three Dog Night

For those of you lacking in American history, here is a lesson. Akron, Ohio was once pretty much the rubber capital of the world. It still holds it own and most of your tires are made in the area. It also used to be home to a large number of toy factories, most of which were made of….rubber. The blown mould toy was invented there (the kind that is hollow inside, usually with an annoying squeaker in it) and the first toy made like that was the venerable rubber duck. The small, yellow kind you secretly have when you bathe. So it should come as no surprise to you the Akron’s minor league baseball team is called…...the Rubber Ducks.

Yeah, I was laughing too….until I saw their specialty dog. Akron proved that they are not only clever in naming their baseball team but their specialty dog as well. It is a kielbasa that is sliced open and a bratwurst is laid inside. The brat is also sliced open and a hot dog in inside of the brat. It is a three-meat monster that is called The Three Dog Night. Awesome name no?

Appeal-how could you not want to try this dog with all of its meaty goodness and interesting name? 5

Ingredients-all top quality meats served on a soft bun with kraut and jalapenos. I have seen party platters with less meat on it. 5

Uniqueness-this is only the second team (the other being the Minnesota Twins) that offers up the hot dog version of the turducken. 5

Monstrosity Factor-it looked pretty big when they brought it out. I figured I would give it a 4.5 since it didn’t look like something I couldn’t handle. Then I picked it up. That is a HEAVY hot dog. In the end I could only eat about 80% of it. 5

Value-This is a deal at $9.50. It is more dog than you can handle and will be the only thing you eat for 24 hours. Best to share with a friend if you are not a glutton like myself. 5

Overall Taste-meat and more meat. The only thing keeping this dog from getting a perfect score is the kraut. Love the kraut, but the juice soaked the bun and made it soggy. I would recommend grilling the kraut to dry it out a bit for the perfect specialty dog. 4.5
WOW! A nearly perfect specialty dog at  a minor league park. An overall score of 29.5 out of 30 is very impressive. It shows what a team can do if some thought is put into their dog. Akron pulls off a major upset on many major league teams with this dog.

It should also be noted that the Akron Rubber Ducks have one of the best and most affordable venues in minor league baseball. Very reasonable tickets and concessions, and a great downtown ballpark with friendly fans. I should also say I feel I have let you down. I know I told you I would check out the Delly Dog that was detailed in a Hot Dog Alert in this blog, but after the Three Dog Night it made me ill to think of eating another bite of anything. In short, the Rubber Duck specialty dog kicked my ass. And speaking of asses, get yours down to Canal Park in Akron and see a game. You won’t be disappointed.

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