Sunday, June 28, 2015

Philadelphia Phillies: South Philly Dog

My bad luck with the weather seems to be constant no matter where I go. The rain keeps following me. Perhaps the state of California will sponsor me so to see some more games in that drought-stricken state. Attention Golden State: I only fly first class….at least when you are paying.

That rain caused the game to be suspended after a hearty 1 ½ innings of play. Plus, it was windy and chilly; not baseball weather. Still, it was enough to seek out the best that Citizen’s Bank Park had to offer. That would be the South Philly Dog served at the Frank and Steins stand. The City of Brotherly Love loves its meat and I figured this dog would compete. Unfortunately, that dog was still a pup. I could have easily had two, but in the interest of science I only had one. Then I had some ice cream to compensate. Hey, it came in miniature Phillies helmet, how could I resist that?

Appeal-the name South Philly Dog had me thinking cheesesteak. Plus it sounded like it would be Philly-centric, but it lacks the pizazz for top score. 4

Ingredients-it has a Hatfield all-beef frank topped with broccoli rabe, roasted red peppers and sharp provolone cheese. I give the Phillies credit for resisting the temptation of putting on the ever popular nacho cheese sauce. The provolone was a nice change. I liked the veggies as well but there were too many greens on the bun. 4

Uniqueness-pretty darn original. 5

Monstrosity Factory-just a regular dog with some special toppings. One will not do you. Hit the concessions stand after to call in some gastronomic reinforcements or you will have a growling tummy by the seventh inning stretch. 2

Value-this is a loaded dog, albeit a small one. For $7, especially in the Northeast, this is a good deal. 5

Overall Taste-it could have been better, but the broccoli hijacked the taste. 4
On the day the Phillies manager stepped down as skipper due to the team’s dismal performance, I am afraid I have more bad news: an overall score of 24 puts the South Philly Dog in the bottom half of the rankings.

I expected more from a ballpark that boasts some of baseball’s most raucous fans. I guess that, along with the Phillies performance, the demand for a winning hot dog is waning.

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