Saturday, June 27, 2015

Baltimore Orioles: Crab Mac n Cheese Dog

If you read my blog or book (you are buying my book aren’t you?), you know that last year the Baltimore Orioles came out on top in the baseball/hot dog experience saga. It was well deserved. Taking in the Orioles game this year at Camden Yards while eating their specialty dog reinforced the fact that I made the right decision handing them the crown.

The Orioles hot dog team, captained by Chef Josh Distenfield, has an impressive lineup that includes a Bacon Chili Cheese Dog, the Eutaw Street BBQ Pulled Pork Dog, and the Oriole Park Crab Dip Dog. I chose the one that made Camden Yards dogs famous: the Crab Mac n Cheese Dog. Maryland is famous for crabs, and I am a sucker for dogs that pay tribute to local flavors or cuisine.

Appeal-they had me at crab. Maryland crab. 5

Ingredients-all top quality. It was important that they did not let either the mac n cheese or crab overpower the star of the bun; the frank. 5

Uniqueness-several parks are doing the mac n cheese thing on dogs these days, but none with crabmeat intertwined. 5

Monstrosity Factor-this is the one area the dog falls short. With all of those bulky toppings its size goes more vertical than horizontal. And I had a beer and peanuts after to fill me up. The good news is you could probably (if you are a trained dog eater like me) down two. Double the deliciousness. 3.5

Value-not a bad deal at $9, but not top score. 4.5

Overall Taste-if you are in Baltimore. Eat. This. Dog. 5
A score of 28 is a winner of a dog. Not top slot though, this dog suffers from being outsized by competitors. Not a judgement on its absolute tastiness though. If you are looking for just a great tasting specialty dog that is unique and a fan favorite remember this: it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the size of the dog.

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  1. Mouthwatering, I really love crab macaroni and cheese dog. I'll try this at home, can't wait. Thanks for sharing.