Monday, June 29, 2015

New York Mets: Pastrami Dog

You would think that in the Big Apple they would do things in a big way. But despite several laps around the main concourse at Citi Field and numerous inquires, the largest and most outrageous dog I could find at the Met’s ballpark was the Pastrami Dog. A Nathan’s hot dog topped with a hearty portion of pastrami, brown mustard and a pickle spear.

I know what you are thinking, pastrami and a hot dog on a bun at the same time? It sounds like an artery hardening experience only to be undertaken under the supervision of a cardiologist. After procuring one, I found a place near one of the ballpark’s Automated External Defibrillator (AED), took six Lipitor tablets and commenced to munching. Verdict: after awaking from emergency triple bypass surgery, the ambulance drivers tell me I was mumbling something about it being delicious.

Appeal-I love double-meat dogs. And I love pastrami. 5

Ingredients-one bite was kind of fatty, but otherwise top notch toppings, but it could have used at least one other topping. 4.5

Uniqueness-I like the idea of a deli-themed hot dog. 5

Monstrosity Factor-another hot dog that is just regular-sized but topped with out of the ordinary toppings. If you want to run with the big dogs, you have to be a big dog. 2

Value-In New York City most everything is expensive. Not so with the Pastrami Dog. At $7.25 it is a ballpark steal. 5

Overall Taste-really tasty, but could have used a bit of spice. 4.5
With a score of 26 the Mets get sent to the middle of the standings, which is better than they can hope for on the playing field if they continue their downward slide. I do like the fact that you can get to the park from the far flung reaches of anywhere remotely close to New York City by a combination of trains or subway. Plus, this was my first ever attendance of a resumption of a rain suspended game. The regular game was preceded by the game from the previous day and took back up in the 6th inning. And then lasted until the 13th inning. Lots of baseball, followed by a postgame concert by the Steve Miller Band. That’s a log of entertainment, just not a lot of hot dog.

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