Friday, April 24, 2015

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes: Doyer Dog

There were lots of dogs at the Epicenter, the name of the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes ballpark. Real dogs I mean. Not the kind you eat, but the kind that eat you, or at least lick you to death. It was bark in the park and there was a fine showing of fan’s best friend enjoying the game and taking in the smells. It was also cool and pretty dang windy. With all the fur they were undoubtedly the most comfortable fans there.  

I was able to hunt down the Doyer Dog. Apparently, Doyer is spanish for Dodger and it is a mexican themed version of the Dodger Dog. For $7.50 you get a footlong with nacho cheese, chili, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes. Not a bad deal considering t the size. How did it do?

Appeal-I had no idea what Doyer meant (and neither did the concession stand workers) until I looked it up. So I was intrigued. 4

Ingredients-it is basically a chili-cheese dog spiced up a bit. Too bad it was that nacho cheese stuff. 3

Uniqueness-apparently this is a knockoff of what they offer at Dodger Stadium. But I had never heard of it so it scores well. 4

Monstrosity Factor-big but undaunting. 3

Value-a tad pricey at $7.50 but still considered a meal. 3.5

Overall Taste-for a hot chili-cheese dog it was pretty good, but not overly remarkable. 4
That night I would have rather had some of that fur on me than a hot dog; it got a bit cool. Still, the Quakes have a very nice ballpark and worth having a dog in if you are in the Inland Empire anytime soon. I think they could do better than the Doyer Dog, but they are a Dodgers organization and it’s not a bad offering. Kudos to the Quakes for sponsoring a bark in the park, it is an outstanding and popular event in baseball. And what could be more fun than sharing a dog with your dog?

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