Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hot Dog Hot Spot: The Red Hot

In a corner of the country not known for its hot dog prowess, you have to dig mighty deep to find a place worthy of hot dog hot spot recognition. I talked to people, did some online research and narrowed it down. But one factor pushed one place over the top and becomes THE place in the pacific northwest to down a dog: they were invited to open a stand INSIDE the Tacoma Rainiers ballpark at Cheney Stadium.

The Miller Boys: Stu & Chris
In downtown Tacoma, at 2914 6th Avenue, you will find The Red Hot. Run by brothers Stu and Chris Miller, The Red Hot has what it takes to make dog chasers happy. Not only do they offer up a unique and tasty lineup of hot dogs, they have over 20 craft beers on tap. The list of dogs is nearly as long. This is the kind of place hot dog lovers come to for lunch and then stagger out a week later and wonder what the hell happened. The sausages sing their siren song to draw you in and the beers keep you there.

The perfect way to wash down a dog
The Miller boys aren’t in the hot dog business to become the Donald Trumps of tubular meat; they just love serving up a quality dog. The kind that makes you keep coming back, which is what Tacomans do. Part of that crowd includes the executives of the Tacoma Rainiers, a AAA team of the Pacific Coast League. It was their idea to set up a Red Hot stand in Cheney Stadium. You have to applaud the Rainiers front office for brining in a local dog pusher. You know from my previous travels and book that keeping it local at the ballpark adds a unique atmosphere that the fans love.
The Hillside

While there, I tackled the Hilltop (most dogs have a locally oriented name), a delicious frank topped with yellow mustard, 1000 island dressing, onions, nacho cheese sauce, a slice of bacon and tomatoes. I wasn’t really that hunger, but I wanted to eat one for, you know, science. I ended up with an empty plate in front of me; it was that good. And it was the first dog with bacon I have had (and I have had many) that was not quasi-limp. The strip of bacon was hard and crispy the way it should be; like pork on viagra.
The Red Hot Stand at Cheney Stadium

The next time you are in the greater Seattle area see the Space Needle, visit Pike Market, have some coffee but head a few miles south for lunch or dinner and enjoy the area’s best dog at a slower pace in Tacoma. Get ‘em while the’re hot at The Red Hot.

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