Saturday, April 25, 2015

Inland Empire 66ers: Footlong Louisiana Sausage

It is always nice to visit a ballpark for a second time. I took in San Manuel Stadium in San Bernardino, California last year on my road trip. I remember it scored well and I ate way too many garlic fries and drank too much beer. I also remember they had a pretty decent over the counter dog, but this time I was hunting the real deal, the big time, the wonder of wieners.

I found something close, something that rates pretty damn high on the scale of deliciousness. The Inland Empire 66ers offer a Martin’s Footlong Louisiana Sausage. It is one-half pound of pure cajun tubular goodness. It comes with grilled peppers and onions and a choice of regular and spicy. Being the adventurous type I of course too the quick route to indigestion.

The Louisiana Sausage is eight bucks, but it makes a meal. The only thing you need to make it a complete ballpark dinner is a beer to wash it down with. I made quick work of it, fortunately there were only about 150 other fans in the stadium to see my atrocious ballpark table manners.

Appeal-did you say spicy Louisiana sausage? Score! 5

Ingredients-I am no sausage expert, but that Martin’s sausage was the real deal. The grilled onions and peppers compliment it well. 4.5

Uniqueness-I have seen many sausage offerings, but none that tout being from the Sportsman’s Paradise. 4

Monstrosity Factor-sounds sort of tame until you see it. Gazonga! 4

Value-pricey at first, but you will need no other food after devouring it. 4

Overall Taste-it had me ready to move to Shreveport (and I have been to Shreveport, that’s saying something). 5
The competition for this dog is the Bernie’s ¼ pound nacho dog (Bernie is the team mascot). It was tempting since that offering uses a Hebrew National frank, and you know how I love HN wieners. But I had just eaten a nacho dog a few days ago and the Louisiana Sausage Dog beat it in the ginormous factor; and that is what I am here for, to slay monsters. With an overall score of 26.5 it is a dog worthy of pursuing.

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