Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Los Angeles Angels: Legends Dog

Sometimes, things like the Loch Ness Monster can only be found if you look really hard for them. That was my experience hunting down the biggest, baddest specialty dog at Angels Stadium. Fortunately, I had help. I met my cousin Pam at the game and she helped me track down a large meat bomb known as the “Legends Dog.”

You won’t find it at any regular concessions stand. There is a section near one of the entrances on outside of the main concourse that has a tented vendor called “Smoke Ring.” They serve up a footlong Farmer John frank on a bun and top it with chopped brisket and BBQ sauce. The result is a specialty dog with as much meat on it as a fat Chihuahua. It had the potential to be great. Two things were big detractors: no other toppings to speak of and the Farmer John frank.

As you learned last year, I cannot put my finger on it but the Farmer John frank has an odd taste to it. Los Angeles fans must like it because they supply the frank for the Dodger Dog as well and have for decades. I guess like drinking PBR beer, it’s an acquired taste. My cohort in crime Pam agreed though, FJ needs to go.

Appeal-the name is sort of funky and has no hook, but the idea of a beef hot dog topped with more beef had my saliva glands working overtime. 4

Ingredients-nice fat frank, but they chose a Farmer John frank. See other comments to know my thoughts on the taste of that. The meat was all grilled in front of us so was fresh. 3

Uniqueness-an all meat dog has been done, but this is not a bad effort by putting brisket on top of the frank. 4

Monstrosity Factor-this is the first dog to get more than an average of 2.5. The sheer amount of meat does frighten one a bit. 3

Value-$10.50 for this thing. For that kind of cash they need a better frank and more brisket. And a foot rub.

Overall Taste-the bun was average and split. The chopped brisket was delicious but the frank was its undoing. 3
Pam and I do the wave (it was a ski cap giveaway night)
This dog had a chance but it was way too expensive for a single serving dog. And the taste of the FJ frank hurt the experience. You will get your daily ration of protein with this beast though. Interestingly enough, my cousin Pammy devoured all of her dog despite being about half my size. Proof that hot dog greatness is in our gene pool.

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