Tuesday, April 21, 2015

High Desert Mavericks: SoCal Nacho Dog

It was a windy night at Stater Brothers Stadium, which is pretty much in the middle of the desert. Probably the most desolate ballpark I have been to. It was also my first Minor League visit this year. The High Desert Mavericks are located near Victorville, California (which is pretty much in the middle of the desert as well) and a member of the Class A California League.

I am not reviewing the ballparks this year, only the specialty dog. But the Mavericks have a regular, ordinary Class A ballpark. Nothing remarkable about it, but it is still a decent facility that hosts a good game. Which it did for me and about 100 other fans. I got a ticket to position myself for snagging a foul ball, but the wind chased me into a wind-blocked seat behind home plate. I can’t explain why, but I love going to a Minor League ballpark with just a few fans. It’s like they are playing in my living room just for me.

Let's just say it was in intimate game
While a Class A team, the Mavericks dish out a Class AAA specialty dog. It is the SoCal Nacho Dog. Served in a large soft bun, it has a delicious Hebrew National frank topped with chili, nacho cheese, onions and flanked on each side of the wiener by nacho chips. The first bite was fantastic. And then it exploded and fell apart. Forkless, I ended up looking like two-year old eating spaghetti. Messy, but tasty.
Wooly Bully and I
I am not adding the MILB teams to the overall rankings this year. Maybe against each other if the readers want it. But the chart is for informational purposes. With an overall score of 25 out of 30 it proves that with imagination and quality ingredients the minors can compete against the big boys.

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