Sunday, April 26, 2015

San Diego Padres: Carne Asada Dog

It is always a pleasure to see my Padres play, no matter how bad they suck. Actually, this night they were in first place...and then promptly dropped the game to the Dodgers 3-0. But watching the game is secondary to hunting down the best specialty dog in Major League Baseball.

San Diego, my home for 12 years, butts up against the border with Mexico. So it should come as no surprise that the Padre’s entry into the world of wild hot dogs comes with a mexican flair. They offer up the Carne Asada Dog. It is a ½ pound Tarantino frank topped with a spicy diego cheese sauce and pico de gallo all served on a jalapeno cheddar bun. That would be a meal right there, BUT then they toss a hearty portion of carne asada on top! Ay caramba! What you have is a hot dog that is tough for one person to tackle. I was really hungry when I arrived at the ballpark and nearly could not finish it. Two fans (not a pig like me) could easily make this a meal.
The only stand where you can get the carne asada dog

Appeal-it is a mexican entree and there is a huge mexican population in San Diego. Plus, who doesn’t like mexican food? 5

Ingredients-all top quality ingredients that is fresh and spicy. They mix well for a mexican food bomb that explodes in your mouth. 5

Uniqueness-meat on top of the frank is used in other ballparks so no top score. But it is close as the carne asada is a mexican specialty that as far as I know the only hot dog of its type in baseball. 4.5

Monstrosity Factor-nearly perfect. I ate it, but barely. One more topping and I would have had to purge before finishing it off. It is a meat monster. 4.5

Value-most would balk at the $12 price tag, but two normal fans can make it a meal. The cost would then be $6 per fan and that is a bargain for a top-notch dog like this. 4.5

Overall Taste-if you like mexican food you will love this dog. If you like meat you will love this dog. If you like being stared at while eating you will love this dog. 5
With an overall score of 28.5 the Carne Asada Dog at PETCO Park is the new leader on the MLB specialty dog scoreboard. This was a dog I truly enjoyed taking on. By the end of the game I was still full. Again, while it is a $12 dog, it will be the ONLY food you eat at the ballpark that night. For once I am not sure if I ate the dog or the dog ate me.


  1. This hot dog is NOT available at The Taco Shop @ Petco Park. They had never even heard of it! Bummer.

  2. This hot dog is NOT available at The Taco Shop @ Petco Park. They had never even heard of it! Bummer.

  3. That's unfortunate. Ballparks change up their menu every year. When I was there last year is was AWESOME. Also, if you cannot find a dog at a park be sure to ask fan services. Most concession stand workers only know what is at their stand and not throughout the ballpark. Many time the specialty dog is only sold at one stand.