Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hot Dog Hot Spot: Jennifer's

In just a few weeks I am off to the greater Phoenix area to test the hot dogs in the Cactus League during MLB spring training. In the meantime, I have had the shakes. The “I ain’t had no damn dog in weeks” shakes. A guy I know highly recommended I try the hot dog cart that is outside of the exit of the Lowe’s home improvement store here in Tulsa. According to him it has the best dogs in Tulsa. But I have heard that before. I never pass up a good hot dog tip. Think of me as the Ponce de Leon of Processed Meat; in a never-ending search for the perfect dog. I prefer the dogs at parks, but since not all hot dog lovers love baseball (why, I have no idea) I bring you the best in hot dog hot spots as I come across them.

It ends up this cart is called “Jennifer’s.” The chef was cooking up some peppers when I spoke with him the the pepper fume infused smoke from the grill took my breath away. An array of grilled veggies adorned the artsy concoction and the frank was split to ensure even cooking. I was offered hot sauce, and being no wimp, I accepted.

The result was a juicy dog that bites back. It was a fabulous experience that had me headed for the water fountain. While I am not convinced it is the best hot dog in Tulsa, it certainly ranks as one of the best. And what man does not get hungry browsing power tools and lumber? So when you are in the Lowe’s in Tulsa lumber on over to Jennifer’s and get a delightful dog. And check out the video for the Jennifer's experience in full living color.

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