Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Super Dogs

As you know I attempted to predict who would win the world series by correlating which team had the best hot dog at their home ballpark. My belief was that the team with the best dog would win against their opponent. Despite some early success the system failed in the end as a world series soothsayer. There were some mitigating factors: problems in the Middle East and the untimely death of Joan Rivers to name a few.

I decided to give the hot dog-predicto-machine another whirl and see if it could predict the Super Bowl winner. The hot dog vendors are usually the same for MLB and NFL teams in the same city (but not always) so I assume that the players on both teams have the meaty goodness of hot dogs coursing through their veins. Could it be the deciding factor in this years NFL finale?

When I was in Boston testing out the Red Sox hot dog (nestled in that funky New England bun) I was in awe of Fenway Park. It is one of my favorites and the oldest in baseball. I counted the “obstructed view” as part of the old time baseball experience, but the $30 GA ticket was the ballpark’s undoing. Thirty smackers for an obstructed view seat is not old timey. Besides that damn bun, the toppings on the dog were far too scant.

While Boston has an old venue Seattle has a slick new park with a retractable roof. Talk about eras apart. With that, both ballparks scored 26 but for different reasons. Seattle ended up being bit by their dog. While I dislike the New England style bun, at least it was fresh. The bun for the Mariner Dog was stale and didn’t taste all that great. How does that translate for overall scores?

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability5GA Ticket Price2
It Factor3.5Fans5

DogBallparkTotal Dog/Game
Portability3GA Ticket Price3
It Factor3Fans4

There you have it. The Red Sox hot dog trounces the Mariners hot dog by 5.5 points. That translate to a huge Patriots win over the Seahawks. Trust me, I have worked out the kinks of the system. And this year's Super Bowl party? Skip ordering the pizza and cook up some hot dogs. 

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