Sunday, April 9, 2017

Port Charlotte Stone Crabs: Jumbo Hot Dog

IT'S BASEBALL SEASON!!! And that means it is time for a baseball road trip. I am starting early this year because....well, no reason really, it just turned out that way. I missed spring training this year but am making up for it with a whirlwind tour of the southeast. If you live in the area, let me know if you are up for a game and I will send you my schedule. Hell, I'll even let you buy me a hot dog. Also, if you have any local hot dog hot spots you can recommend, get in touch.

I start this year in Florida. I was in the Sunshine State celebrating my dad's 80th birthday. So naturally, I took him to the opening day game for the local Port Charlotte Stone Crabs. They play in the spring training facility for the Tampa Bay Rays, so I was expecting some really cool hot dogs to be offered. 

I was disappointed in the choices. It was a regular dog or a jumbo dog. The good news is they use a Kayem brand dog, which is a pretty good choice. And the jumbo version is a quarter pound feast that fills you up and goes down easy. Condiment choices were also sparse. I know it is hard for single A teams to sport a monster dog, but something unique to the team or area always makes a meal at the ballpark special. Stone Crabs, if you are listening, I can help.

The ballpark is clean and spacious, it doesn't have an open concourse so you miss some of the action while in the concessions line. And the parking lot is not paved. The best seats set you back $9.50 and it is $4 to park making an outing at Port Charlotte Sports Park affordable. 

Not a memorable game, except that I was able to catch it with my pops. And a day at the ballpark with my dad is special no matter the action on the field. 

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