Monday, April 10, 2017

Gwinnett Braves: Regular Hot Dog

I finally chased down the opportunity to take in a Gwinnett Braves game, called the G-Braves in local lingo. The stadium, Cool Ray Field, is actually in Lawrenceville, a far, far suburb of Atlanta.

The ballpark is unique, it is relatively new and has no clearly defined front like most venues. There is a main entrance, it just doesn't look like one. It is pretty typical on the inside, with it's most unusual feature being the condos just beyond the outfield concourse. Residents there can float in their pool and watch the game. I plan on getting one of the units as soon as you guys buy 500,000 copies of my book. You are buying my book aren't you? In case you forgot, it is Gone to the Dogs: In Search of the Best Ballpark Hot Dog. It's available on Amazon, and dare I mention that it is never too early to begin thinking of what you are going to get the baseball fan in your life for Christmas.

Braves mascot Chopper
On to the dog. There is the simple hot dog, and a chili cheese version of the same. The G-Braves use a Ballpark Frank brand wiener which I consider a decent choice, but not a top-tier pick. The bun was fresh and the condiments were pretty sparse. Only pump mustard and relish. A few other toppings were available at the condiments station, but none that belong on a hot dog. I also chose the regular dog over the chili and cheese version. One, because I hate that sports arena nacho cheese stuff (which I wonder if there is any real cheese in) and two, I have a whole lot of hot dogs to eat in the near future. I'd like to finish the trip without having to buy new pants.

I paid nine bucks for the cheapest actual seat in the ballpark. Slightly cheaper versions are available if you want to sit on the grass berm. Parking is five clams. Attendance was shockingly low for this early in the season on a Sunday afternoon in great weather. Particularly with the MLB Braves sucking so bad that some of the players you witness at a G-Braves game will certainly be on the big club roster in the very near future.

Wrapping it up: not a bad tasting but mundane dog, decent price seats, nice but kind of odd looking ballpark. I'd recommend a game. 

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