Wednesday, September 28, 2016

VBT Safeco Field: Sushi Dog

Ever been to Seattle? No? You are missing out. Great scenery, the Space Needle, greenery, lots of asian influence and crappy weather. If you don't mind gray skies, Seattle should be on your list of places to visit. Oh yeah, they have a pretty cool ballpark too.

I used to love sushi. Delicious raw fish wrapped in veggies and rice. These days, I only eat the so-called California roll; all veggies and no fish. Why? Have you ever seen raw fish under a microscope? If you have, you probably don't eat it either. Trust me on this.

With a bustling asian influence, I offer Seattle Mariners fans the Sushi Dog. It starts with a toasted bun, fill the bottom with a layer of cream cheese (this is a nod to the famous Seattle Dog, which is nearly as renown as the Chicago Dog), put in a Hebrew National frank (I would use raw fish, but see above), lay a row of sliced cucumber on one side, shredded carrots down the middle, diced celery on the other side, pour on a small amount of soy sauce, and the sprinkle on kelp granules. There you have a dog that tastes like a huge sushi roll, minus the raw fish (you did look up what crawls on raw fish didn't you?).

This is the perfect dog to watch a Mariners game on TV. If you are in Seattle, SafeCo Field has some of the best eats in the league. But since this is a virtual baseball tour, become one with the couch and watch the Mariners toss the horsehide around.

Beer pairing: Rainier Beer has been a Seattle favorite for decades. With catchy commercials and a crisp and affordable beer, it is the perfect locally produced suds with help your Sushi Dog slide down your gullet.

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