Monday, September 26, 2016

VBT Camden Yards: The Sponge Bob

When I was in the Navy, I heard some ships were making a port visit to Baltimore. Baltimore? I didn't grow up that far away, but I had to look at a map to realize Baltimore indeed has a harbor and access to the ocean. Then I realized that the Star Spangled Banner was written about the bombardment of Fort McHenry which is basically in Baltimore. Moral of the story: Baltimore has a close relationship with the ocean. How close? Maryland crab is world renown and you can't swing an oriole without finding a place that serves up authentic Maryland crab cakes. And take it from me, they are delicious.

Any hot dog that honors the Baltimore has to include crab and somehow give the city's close proximity to the ocean a nod. Therefore, allow me to introduce: The Sponge Bob. A hot dog that mixes beef and seafood that taste awesome while watching an Orioles game.

Start by toasting a regular bun in the skillet, lay in an all-beef Hebrew National frank, two halves of a crab cake on one side, sliced tomatoes on the other side, pour on a small amount of cocktail sauce and sprinkle on some Old Bay seasoning. When I started designing hot dogs, I never thought hot dogs and sea food would compliment each other; but they do.

Baltimore native Edgar Allen Poe may have been manic, but this dog will have you cRaven another (get it? Craven? It has Raven in it? Tell me you get it).

Beer Pairing: If it's Baltimore we are talking about (and it is), it has to be a National Bohemian. Natty Bo, as it is known locally, is brewed in Baltimore and is a crisp and clean beer that the Sponge Bob will soak up nicely. 

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