Monday, September 5, 2016

VBT Marlins Park: The Big Fish Dog

Who has the newest ballpark in MLB? That would be the Miami Marlins. If you want to catch a game, head to the Little Cuba section of town and look for the giant white, modern structure that looks like anything other than a ballpark. Trust me, they actually play baseball inside. They do things a little different in Miami.

The teams namesake is, of course, a really big fish. And that is how I determined to name the hot dog designed for Miami's team: The Big Fish Dog. Start with slightly grilling a regular hot dog bun, slap down a Hebrew National frank, top with canned tuna, squirt on some chipolte mayo, then sprinkle on some chives. Eat, enjoy and watch the Marlins on your tube. I would have used grilled marlin instead of tuna, but if you have ever priced marlin from a fish market, you know why. I want you to be able to make this hot dog without having to sell your car.

Beer paring: with relations between Cuba and the US warming up, it won't be long before you can enjoy a Cuban-brewed beer while downing the Big Fish Dog. Until then, Indian Head Brewery in Maryland brews a beer once produced in Cuba. Hatuey Beer is readily available in Florida and New York; home of huge pockets of Cubans. Insist that your local beer distributor order you a few six-packs. Tell him it is in the best interest of international relations...and a hot dog emergency. Give him my number if he needs convincing. I know people. 

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