Friday, August 19, 2016

VBT Miller Park: The Beer Brat Dog

When you talked encased meat, you have to think of the fans of the Milwaukee Brewers. Nobody, and I mean nobody, knows brats like the fans of the Brew Crew. Their baseball game tailgate grilling is the best in baseball and rivals that of any college football team.

So for the Brewers and Miller Park, I keep it simple. The Beer Brat Dog. This dog combines two things Milwaukee is renown for: suds and sausage. Prep by soaking some brats in beer for at least 30 minutes. You won't be drinking the beer so use something cheap. Grill your buns along with your brats. I use Johnsonville brat, but use your favorite brand. Once they are cooked up, lay it in the warm bun, add some spicy mustard, relish and a handful of crushed potato chips. It's like having your dog and side dish in one.

Milwaukee is a great baseball town, and this dog will help you feel like you are sitting at Miller Park which catching a game on the tube.

Beer pairing: Gotta be a Schlitz. Hey, it's the beer that made Milwaukee famous. It's made a comeback using the original formula (note to brewers: don't be mess with the formula. Remember New Coke?). 

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