Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's 2016!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2016 and with that we at the Blog About a Dog wish you the very best in your endeavors over the next twelve months. With the New Year comes new goals, resolutions and ambitions so here is your favorite hot dog blogger’s resolutions for 2016 and then a few for you.

1.   Finish my book sequel. Yeah, I hoped to have it out before spring training, but I got sidetracked putting the finishing touches on my next non-baseball book (yes, I have other talents). The good news is that it is at the publisher now so Doggone Good is now on my front burner.

2.   I have come in possession of coupons good for 52 packs of my favorite hot dog brand, Hebrew National. It’s my intention that between me and my friends they all get eaten.
3.   Finally visit the Nashville Sounds new ballpark.
4.   Discover at least 12 new badass hot dog joints.
5.   Help at least one minor league team improve their hot dog menu.
6.   Help as many people as possible discover the meaty goodness of the American hot dog.

How about you? Need help with your 2016 agenda? You could help mow my lawn or wash my car, but barring interest in that here is a list of items for you to accomplish this year.

1.   Visit the local hot dog place in your hometown. If you take a road trip, seek out the best hot dog in that town.
2.   Offer to write a guest blog at Blog About a Dog regarding the best hot dog near you.
3.   Tune out all of the negativity about hot dogs in the media. Yes, if you eat hot dogs you will die. If you don’t eat hot dogs, you will die. No one is getting out of here alive….live a little.
4.   Catch a ballgame at the nearest ballpark to you.
5.   Take a baseball road trip.
6.   Buy a copy of Gone to the Dogs for a friend (yes, another shameless plug but somebody had to pay for my processed meat habit).

I’ll work on my list and you work on the tasking for you. Remember how fast last year went by? This year will breeze by even quicker. Remember, pitchers and catcher report in only a few short months. And that Super Bowl party you are planning….serve up some hot dogs. 

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