Saturday, January 23, 2016

Breakfast at the Ballpark

Man does not live by hot dogs alone. At least not in the morning. Just as I love beer, I have a hard time downing one before noon. I'd also never eat pancakes for dinner. So what do you do when there is a game time of 10 am? Breakfast at the ballpark.

There is something serene and surreal about taking in your morning sustenance while watching the team take the field. Palm Springs is just springing to life when the first pitch is thrown from the mound. A bite of muffin with each crack of the bat and a swing of coffee between batters. My heart rate rises as the caffeine catches catches up with the innings played. By the fourth inning, I have enough coffee-infused energy that I am ready to take the mound and fan a few batters. Then I remember I can't pitch. And I was not invited to play. And taking the field would mean getting ejected from the ballpark.  By that time the first game is nearly over and it is close to lunchtime and I can start looking forward to doing what I was born to do....check out the hot dogs at the ballpark.

If you have never had breakfast at that ballpark give it a try. Rarely, MLB teams have an early start. Sometimes the Boston Red Sox have a morning game due Patriot's day or the marathon or some other schedule-wrecking event. Minor league teams on the other hand have numerous morning games throughout the season to accommodate their travel schedule.

Trust me when I tell you, a morning  ballgame is a good excuse to call in sick for work. You can always finish that project that was due to your boss last week. How often can you eat breakfast while watching the national pastime live? It really is worth risking getting fired over. And if you do get fired, I need someone to help drive this summer.

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