Thursday, November 12, 2015

Scottsdale Scorpions

If you remember, when I visited all ten Cactus League ballparks for spring training this March, Scottsdale ended up on top. The offered a great dog at a very nice ballpark. Hitting the game on a chilly Tuesday night I had high expectations.

Unfortunately, spring training gets more attention for dog offerings than the Arizona Fall League. I get it. The crowds are sparse and the season is short. But this was the second hot dog in as many ballparks in the AFL that, while decent tasting, was not really much to crow about.

Scottsdale uses a Block and Barrel frank and offered sauerkraut, albeit in small portions. Toss in mustard and jalapenos and you have a decent dog.

Appeal-really just a hot dog. 2
Ingredients-decent tasting frank, good tasting condiments. 4
Value-at $5 it is not a bad bargain. 4
Monstrosity Factor-get two or listen to your stomach growl in the sixth inning. 2
Uniqueness-basically none. It’s a hot dog. 1
Overall Taste-pretty darn delicious in the end. 4
A score of 17 of 30 puts it one point behind Peoria. Have the mighty fallen? Or is it that Peoria offers chili as an option? In any case, here is a suggestion to spice things up in the meek part of the greater Phoenix area by offering a team specific hot dog:

Scorpion Dog
  1. Hebrew National frank
  2. grilled red peppers
  3. sriracha sauce
  4. OPTIONAL: crushed red pepper
Because scorpions live in the hot desert, their sting is hot and their logo is red. Get it? Hopefully Scottsdale does. I look forward to eating this dog next year.

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