Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Peoria Javelinas

A Javelina is a small, wild pig like creature, that lives in the desert. I knew you didn’t know that. The only reason I know is that if you leave your tent open while camping in Big Bend National Park they will enter in search of food. Trust me on this.

The Peoria Javelinas play at the Peoria Sports Complex on the west side of Phoenix. You can read my blog from spring training when I visited last March if you want some detail about the ballpark. It is a great facility with ample parking and easy to get to. Not that parking is an issue. This was my first Arizona Fall League game and I found that most games draw a few hundred fans at best. It was so quiet I could hear the umpires talking. Seriously. It was kind of eerie.

That brings us to the concessions confessions. In Peoria you have basically three choices: a regular hot dog, or a regular hot dog with either a jalapeno or cheese infused frank. Farmer John is the frank supplier, they are better known as the manufacturer of the Dodger Dog. For a buck you can get chili on any dog.

Appeal-meh, a hot dog with some extra squeezed in the wiener. I’d rather add it as a topping. 3

Ingredients-few toppings and having it integrated in the meat is not my idea of delicious. 2

Value-$5 for the dog and $1 for chili makes for a $6 hot dog. Not a budget-buster but I have seen better value. 3.5

Monstrosity Factor-I have a feeling this is going to be an issue in the AFL. It was a normal size dog and the lack of extra toppings means you will need at least two. 2

Uniqueness-while I am not a fan of the infused cheese and jalapeno, I had not seen it before at the ballpark. 2.5

Overall Taste-the Farmer John frank tastes better than the Dodger Dog version. In the end it was an OK hot dog.  3

While 18 of 30 seems low, we will have to see how it ranks among other AFL teams. I can tell you now that it looks like the Fall League hot dogs are not going to be on par with either spring training, or regular season major or minor league offerings. It might be a long week for hot dog explorers.
In my life’s mission to help ballparks offer better hot dogs I recommend this specialty dog for the Peoria Javelinas:

The Javelina Little Pig
  1. steamed, locally produced bun
  2. Hebrew National all-beef frank.
  3. pulled pork topping
  4. salsa
  5. OPTIONAL: jalapenos
That is a dog fans could enjoy and make the eating experience at Peoria Sports Complex unique to the Javelinas.

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