Monday, November 16, 2015

Salt River Rafters

While I personally dig Camelback Ranch, all of the Arizona Fall League ballparks are nice. And many believe that Salt River at Talking Stick is the nicest. Hard to argue with them, it really is fantabulous venue. It is also the only professional baseball park built on Indian ground.

Salt River is also the only team that offers up anything close to a monster dog. For nine bucks you can get a footlong, half-pound hot dog. Nothing special other than its size. I have to give them credit though as they seem to be the only ballpark trying to give the fans something to marvel at as they eat it.

Appeal-it sounded like a meat truck compared to its AFL competitors. 3.5
Ingredients-only mustard and relish were available as condiments. Some kraut would have really boosted the score. 2
Uniqueness-normally a lower score, but again, the competition is slim. 3
Monstrosity Factor-normally, I would be unimpressed but it is the biggest dog in the entire AFL. 3.5
Value-at $9 it is pricey. $7 is a better price tag for this dog.
Overall Taste-the ballpark frank was ok. I think it was slightly overcooked. The skin was tough. 3.5
The size of it helped it out weighing in at 19.5 overall. What they really need is a signature sausage at this ballpark.

Salt River Sausage
  1. potato bun
  2. Klement’s 1 pounds mild Italian sausage
  3. spicy brown mustard
  4. sauerkraut
  5. OPTIONAL: grilled onions

If you are going to go big, go big or go home.

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